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No matter if you are trying to buy or rent your next place, Homeluten helps you make an informed real estate decision by showing you important neighborhood data like Income, Ethnicity, Crimes, Noise, Superfunds, Power Lines, Cell Towers etc.

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By showing you the most important neighborhood safety and demographic information, you can save time and energy that would otherwise be spent on endless Google searches.

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Agents and Professional Investors love Homeluten, many of our users are the pros in the field.

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Seamless integration with Redfin, Zillow and Realtor. Plus, a web app that you can use on-the-go.


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Wonderful extension. It allows you to see crime maps, wires, cell towers, superfunds (polluted places).
All this data is hard to find even separately, and this app gathers it all in one place!

Evgenii Balai


This is a must have extension, SAVES you big time. Worth the subscription for sure. Amazing features about the property, the info that you have to spend hours to get online

Taimaz Rasta


I’ve been using this to assist and help with my housing search. It adds all sorts of different vectors to evaluate an area/property. Definitely a must-have. The map zoom adjust feature is worth the install.

Mark Wisinger


I found it helpful to find the best house with different metrics provided by Homeluten. Highly recommend.

Phoebe Yang


Easy to use and fantastic!



It’s the first thing any developer thinks to themselves during the home-buying process, and here they’ve gone and done it for me. Best app of its kind!

Trevor Miller


First time home buyer who can get super overwhelmed with all the options, this is a great way to organize my thoughts!

Kiersten Mallory


Very informative and convenient. Love it.

Jack He

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Save 34% $119.88

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Frequently asked questions

What is Homeluten
Homeluten is a feature-rich Chrome extension that makes your real estate search experience 100x better. No matter you are trying to buy or rent your next place, we help you make an informed real estate renting / buying decision by showing extra data on real estate websites like, and We do so by adding lots of additional enhancements like neighborhood information such as street view and local traffic data, noise level and crime map etc. to your regular Redfin, Zillow, Realtor website experience. It also highlights critical hazards like Superfunds so you can avoid those no-no homes before wasting time doing a comprehensive research. We’ve recently added neighborhood median income and ethnicity data to further help your real estate search.
I am a Real Estate Agent, how can I best use Homeluten
We provide an agent solution where you can sponsor your current and prospective clients’ Homeluten Pro membership. You pay a monthly agent subscription fee and you will be able to invite unlimited number of clients to use Homeluten. It’s a great way to impress your clients.
How often is the data updated
We update the data on our platform as new versions become available, so you are always get the most up-to-date information about any neighborhood.
Great! I have feedback/suggestions, how can I share it
Please feel free to reach out to us, or post your thoughts on our Forum. We take all feedback and suggestions seriously. In fact, many of our current features are suggested by our users.
What’s the difference between the Chrome Extension and the Web App
While Chrome Extension is a great way to help you every day home browsing on Redfin, Zillow and Realtor, Homeluten Web App provides a unique way for you to explore the local neighborhood in person. Think it as a phone app, where you can pull up and check the information during an Open House visit. You can also use it when you are visiting a new area and not sure the neighborhood safety situation.
How can I cancel the subscription
You can cancel your subscription from your account at any time, or by email us at [email protected]
How can I meet other home buyers who are using Homeluten
Heading to our Homeluten Forum is the best way to get in touch with other users to share about home buying tips or ask questions.
Where is the demographic data coming from
All demographic data (e.g. Ethnicity, Income) is directly generated from the Census 2020 data, this is the most recent and reliable data on the market.

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